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How do I order?

Find you favorite design, add it to cart and we will have it shipped in no time. Or find us at your local shop!

How do I clean my Grip Mat?

Rinse your Grip Mat with warm water until clean (DO NOT USE SOAP). Air dry your mat (DO NOT USE WET).

How do I use my Grip Mat?

Make sure your Grip Mat is Clean, Dry, and on a clean flat surface. place your item on the mat, apply slight pressure and enjoy the magic! (DO NOT USE VERTICALLY)

What is the Return/Exchange policy?

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with Grip Mats! You can return your Grip Mat  for full refund within 14 days of purchase date if unsatisfied with the product.  You can also exchange your unused Grip Mat within 14 days of purchase date.

Warning: The misuse of Grip Mats may result in damaging your item. Never use Grip Mats Vertically or when wet or dirty. Do not use on surfaces with easy to peel off finish. Do not leave under the sun. Do not use soap to wash. Do not leave at the same spot for more than 48 hours to avoid surfaces’ damages and/or discoloring. Grip Mats are only for the purpose of reducing valuables' accident rate.

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